Aguilar DB 925 Bass Preamp

Aguilar DB 925 Bass Preamp


In the last 20 years, the Aguilar Amplification company has positioned itself as one of the great benchmarks in the amplification and effects market. Year after year they surprise us with new creations that improve the performance of our backline, if you look closely in most stages and studios in the world you can find some Aguilar product, from preamps, amplifiers, screens, pedals, pickups, … or integrated into the basses of big brands like Fodera or Fbass


In the 80s, Dave Boonshoft, current president of Aguilar, worked as a session musician in NYC and years later, with all the experience gained, he entered the world of production, it was at that moment that he realized that he was not in the market a preamp that would convince you to get the bass sound you were looking for.

With Roger Sadowsky Boonshoft met Alex Aguilar, a repair technician and amp designer, they both started collaborating and built their first project, the DB 680, the name of which comes by the acronym of Dave Boonshoft and a small tribute to a compressor called Fairchild 670.

So in 1995, Boonshot and Aguilar found Aguilar Amplification and since then they have not stopped designing new products for the bass world, following the slogan of “constant improvement”


Aguilar DB 925 Preamp

DB 925

Following the brand’s history this year, the new DB925 preamp was presented at the NAMM, a pedal inspired by the DB924, a two-band preamp little and compact.

The pedal continues its predecessor DB 924, is a FET preamplifier small dimension in a solid steel  box: 92.70 x 38.10 x 31.75 mm.

It has a 1⁄4 ”signal input and output on both sides of the pedal.

Aguilar describes the two-band EQ as “musically sculpted,” with a bass control knob at + 18dB at 40Hz and a treble at also +18 dB at 4kHz.

It only has a switch to turn the pedal on and off, simplifying its use and configuration as much as possible.



The DB 925 can be powered by either a 9V power supply or a standard 9V battery, and features a bypass circuit that ensures that the signal passes through the pedal even if the battery runs out.

Little more can be said about a product that manages to reduce to a minimum the entire concept of a brand.

With the DB925 we have the essence of the Aguilar sound with the possibility of a small adjustment in bass and treble to adapt it to our needs.

In these times where the practical and the immediate is what dominates the market, I think Aguilar has managed to put that concept into practice.


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