Aguilar Octamizer

Aguilar, one of the leading companies in the amplification market, also offers us a large stock of pedals of the highest quality among which we can find, in addition to the Tone Hammer, one of the previous best sellers, the TLC compressor, the overdrive Agro, the envelope filter Filter Twin and the pedal that we present to you in this article, the Octamizer analog octave.

Dave Boonshoft and his team have created an analog octaver that allows to double our lines an octave below and through the controls and circuits that have been incorporated we can color the bass and octave signal independently, thus achieving an incredible palette of sounds and seeking to differentiate itself from the rest of the octaver in the market.


This pedal maintains the same design as its Aguilar brothers, the TLC, Filter Twin and Agro with a size of 13.72×7.11×5.84 cm in a sturdy metal case. When you have it in your hand you feel it is solid and robust. On the upper side we find the connection for the power supply, input and output. On the lower side through a piece that slides along the box we have access to the compartment for the 9v battery that closes with a screw located at the bottom, next to the four rubber feet to prevent slipping. To activate the effect we have a metallic switch on the front panel and resistant rubber knobs.


On the front panel of the pedal we find four potentiometers that will allow us to shape the sound we are looking for, these work on the one hand on the original sound of our bass, regulating the original signal that we want with the CLEAN LEVEL and tweaking the equalization of the signal through the CLEAN TONE, a tone control that allows us to boost the treble while cutting in bass or boost the bass while cutting in treble. This circuit has been called “Full Spectrum Tilt EQ” and allows us to reach a clean sound in the mix that creates a double octave effect by equalizing the original bass signal and the effect differently or achieving a similar tone in both sounds to fatten the signal and look for textures closer to those of a synthesizer.

The other two knobs correspond to the lower octave, the OCTAVE LEVEL regulates the amount of effect that we want and the OCTAVE FILTER is a tone control over the sound of the octave. This is a low-pass multi-pole filter that allows you to shape the octave from a smooth deep tone to a sharp aggressive tone working between 80Hz and 800Hz.

Sound and conclusions

It is a solid-looking pedal like the entire Aguilar family which unlike the rest of the octaver on the market allows us to work on the original signal of our bass when creating the effect with the lower octave, thus offering us a greater sound palette.

With this pedal we can get a funk tone or a synthesizer type playing with its configuration in a very simple way and combining it with other effects such as fuzzs, envelope filters, wha, … obtaining very interesting sounds to enrich our lines and create new sound textures with the rest of the band.

Something important is to check how de pedal activation affects our original sound, in this case if we set the octave potentiometers to 0, the original signal remains intact, so we are sure that we will not modify our sound, since from there we begin to color it with the octave.

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