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  • Dave Garbujo Davide Garbujo (Tribe Guitars) Interview

    When did your interest in becoming a luthier start? My story begins when I was very young, a child. I was already very interested in music because both my mother and my two older sisters listened to all kinds of music all day long. I remember spending days with my sisters also watching music videos […]

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  • Michael Tobias Interview

    Michael Tobias began building instruments in 1974, while working at The Guitar Shop in Washington DC, primarily with acoustic instruments. After gaining experience with Martin, Gibson, and Fender guitars, as well as banjos, mandolins, and even sitars, Tobias finally opened his own store at 81 in Costa Mesa, California, and continued to repair instruments. After […]

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  • Leduc Christophe Leduc Interview

    Christophe Leduc receives us at his Boulange workshop in the region of Lorreine in Northeast France very close to Luxembourg and Metz. Christophe is a Luthier in love with his work, it all started in his university days uniting the passion for art and his passion for music and guitars, in 1973 he built his […]

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  • Davide Cardone Davide Cardone (Meridian Guitars) Interview

    Meridian Guitars take the first steps 12 years ago with the leadership  of Davide Cardone, it is located in Italy, in the city of Avezzano, province of L´AQUILA, about 100km from Rome and 100km from Pescara. Avezzano is bordered by Monte Velino to the north and Monte Salviano to the west as protectors and watchers […]

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  • Xavier Lorita Interview to Lorita Basses

    Lorita Basses has a proper name, Xavier Lorita, located in the Alto Penedes area in the town of Guardiola de Font-Rubí, Barcelona. Xavier delights us with his originality and innovation in his instruments, he started playing the electric bass guitar until it was proposed Build yourself one, that was for the year 1996, as to […]

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