Mats Kristoffersson (EBS) Interview

We have invited to All for Bass one of the most important electronic engineers in the field of amplification and effects for electric bass Mr. Mats Kristoffersson (EBS)

Thanks to Mats the sound of the bass has gone to another dimension. Defined of the sound together with the sound identity of each instrument when amplifying it, has been and is its great legacy, along with other great little details that differentiate the Swedish brand.

EBS Sweden offers more than 100 products in its catalogue, including amplifiers, pedals, strings and accessories.

Mats, the maximum responsible for the sound of each EBS product, more than 30 years endorse his career, he attends us from his office at EBS headquarters in Bromma, Sweden.

What was the reason you started building amplifiers?

Easy question, I started playing bass at the age of 10 and later on an interest for electronics arose while trying to build my own effects pedals. When I got into my late teens I met my current associate who was already involved in the music industry building guitar amplifiers.

What are the fundamental design concepts of EBS?

The bass should be considered as a full range signal and not with a limited frequency range. Ease of use has also been a very important factor although this may not be true in all cases with the more complex design builds.

Why bass amps?

Well, being bass player, you have a better understanding of bass players would like. Besides, almost everyone at EBS has played bass and some are still playing regularly. Bass is what we know and like working with.

What are you looking for in your designs?

To find those small yet very important details that make the difference.

EBS products

What characterizes your products?

EBS is known for not colouring the sound of your instrument and the fact that we respect the full bass harmonic register.

What artists would you like to see playing and using your products?

We already have a lot of players using or having used our equipment, but of course there are a lot of bass players. We really would appreciate having more of the really big names out there.

The present and future of EBS?

Although at present, the music market and business is very slow due to a global problem, we’ll continue to build innovative and useful products for musicians in the future as well.

What about the importance of components selection?

The choice of components is of very high importance since finally it affects how the equipment performs and how long it´ll last without maintenance. We tend to try and select raw material of very high quality, yet affordable for our product range.

How does your quality control work?

Knowing that most of our products are manufactured in China, we have a dedicated quality controller that inspects every product prior to shipping from the factory. Once products arrive at our warehouse, we do a second quality control check before the final packaging in the domain of EBS.

What were your influences?

A lot of what I´ve learned has been self taught and comes from the experience I gained while doing maintenance on recording studio equipment such a mixing consoles, multitrack tape-recorders, professional rack units and so on. Besides this I also have other areas of interest; I studied programming and digital signal processing, and of course the analogue world of electronics.


Sheehan and Tal

Do you like sports?

Yes, but I prefer to watch. A good football match is always nice to see.

What is your favorite city?

There are a lot of nice cities, but I would say Granada in Spain where I also worked and lived for 15 years.

What is your favourite food?

I like tasty food, mostly Mediterranean cuisine, but also Asian food.

What style of music do you like? Pick five of your favourites albums.

I don´t have any preferences, but if I had to pick five albums they would be;

Quincy Jones – The Dude, Gino Vannelli – Brother to Brother, Dave Weckl – Master Plan, Santana – Moonflower, Dream Theater – Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence…but there are so many other good records out there!

Name some favourites movies?

E.T, Wolf of Wall Street, Django Unchained, Lucy, The Highlander and the list goes on…

Name a preferred actor and actress?

That changes all the time, but for the moment maybe Leonardo DiCaprio and Scarlett Johansson.

A person from history?

If we do not count the religious ones, daVinci.

Anything you want to say to the readers?

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our users for their continued support, believing in what we do and in our products. We are all here because of you and for you.

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