Michael Kelly released the new Pinnacle 5



Michael Kelly Pinnacle 5


The Pinnacle 5 is able to create that perfect tone, whether in a concert performance, recording in the studio, or simply knocking out tunes in rehearsal. Two custom-wound Rockfield MDC5 humbucker pickups provide a modern, fat sound with potent midrange punch. This increased output of the dual coils produces a full, meaty voice that can sing with amazing sustain. Each pickup is equipped with a dedicated coil-split switch. Splitting the pickup coils to single-coil configuration will deliver a more airy, classic tone.

The push-pull Master Volume knob engages the active preamp. In the active mode, the MK Custom 3-band EQ offers simple control shaping of the instrument’s sound. Selecting the passive mode calls up an authentic “old-school” tone. It is this inclusive combination of pickups, coil-splitting, pickup blending, and the active MK 3-band EQ that assure an endless range of signature sounds for each player.

The die-cast MCN5 bridge allows individual side-to-side saddle adjustments for variable string spacing by up to 1.5mm to optimize the instrument to your playing preferences. An exposed spoked truss rod wheel at the base of the fingerboard makes any needed adjustments quick and easy.

More info: Michael Kelly Guitars

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